Girls Get Strong

Girls Get Strong!

This exciting course has been made just for ladies. Helping them to learn how to weight train effectively and safely. Ladies will be using various weight training exercises to target specific muscle groups. They courses are run every month from the 1st of each month. Please contact us to book your place.

As ladies get older it is important for them to be taking part in some sort of weight bearing exercise regularly. Especially during menopause when the hormones begin to change, so do the muscles, muscles and bones gradually become weaker over time. The bones in the body will become less dense during menopause which can lead to fractures and breaks and possibly osteoporosis. Weight training will help ladies bones and muscles to stay stronger for longer. It will also help with keeping ladies feel happy in their mood and help regulate their hormones. It will also help to boost energy and feel confident with their bodies.  

What does GGS involve?

  • This amazing 4 week course only costs £50 which gives you an exclusive weight training session every week on a Saturday morning as well as full use of the gym and all classes through-out the month.
  • Every Saturday morning you will have a group session with a fantastic strength training coach who will teach you how to train a different muscle group each week. We currently have 2 group sessions – 8.15am & 9.15am. We have a new group starting from February – Thursday’s at 7.15pm! 
  • You will receive information every week through coaching on how to use the equipment safely in the gym.
  • You will receive a strength training programme digitally through-out the month for you to use in the gym.
  • A Personal trainer will be available for you if you need any help towards training. 

The Benefits Of Girls Get Strong!

As ladies get older the hormones change. It can affect mood, sleep patterns and make them feel old before our time. Building regular strength training habits into their lives will help regulate these hormones and keep the body balanced.

Strength training will also help burn off more calories rather than spending hours on the cross trainer or treadmill. Your body will continue to burn calories long after you have left the gym, keeping the body trim. Strength training will not make a female big and bulky! It is a myth! It will make them gain a trim shape with curves in the right places.

As ladies get older their bones become weaker and are more prone to fractures and breaks. It’s a known fact that Weight bearing training keeps bones strong and prevents from losing density. Everyone should been taking part in some form of strength training 2/3 times per week to prevent our bones from losing strength.

The Course is suitable for complete beginners or regular gym members. It will give you understanding and fundamentals on how to train effectively. It can teach you healthy nutritional habits. You will also be shown lots of different exercises and how to use the gym equipment. It will also educate how to programme your sessions yourself, so that you can continue your journey to a healthier stronger you!

There are only 15 spaces for each group to allow for space and equipment and quality time with your trainer.

If you would like a place on the next Girls Get Strong Course, please contact us today!

Tel/Text: Patsy 07719 765846