Monday’s at 7pm & Tuesday’s at 6.30pm

The average class contains between 10 and 20 students. All students work as a team, encouraging and motivating each other during training, its a fun and friendly environment.

If you would like the option of doing Full Contact kickboxing or wish to learn as an individual, these are available through the 1-on-1 sessions, please contact Phil for more information

A Brief History of Lau Gar

The martial art is a traditional Southern Chinese self defence system. Originally a “closed” style taught to only the masters family, it has now become one of the most popular martial arts in Britain.

The roots of many Kung Fu Styles including Lau Gar can be tracked back to the Five Animals Fist Form practiced at the Shaolin Temple. Years ago, Kung Fu the was refined into 5 major styles, each names after their originators, Choi, Hung, Li, Lau & Mok.

The master ‘Three Eyed Lau’, a tiger hunter is honoured as founder of the style, learnt it from a monk while in retreat from the Kuei Ling Temple (Kong Sai province of West China). The mental training and fighting strategy are derived from Buddhist Philosophy. Particularly important in this respect are the concepts of change (impermanence) and emptiness (void).

Lau Gar includes Sets, or Forms, based on the styles of the Shaolin Kung Fu’s “five ancestors”:

The Crane:
Counter attack only, master of evasion, hides the angle of attack, master of balance and agility.

The Spiritual, internal conditioning and balances all the other animals.

Bravery and martial ferocity. Requires the development of Strength, Speed & Agility.

Internal energy (chi), no offence or defence the blocks and strikes are simultaneous (hard and soft).

Aggressive, external strength, powerful striking movements.