Kickboxing – Kids

Phil Allen has been an instructor of Lau Gar Kickboxing for many years and has won many national, international and european tournaments.

We are part of the Bristol Lau Gar Association, with access to inter-club tournaments and National Super League Tournaments.

Lesson breakdown

We always start our classes with a gentle warm-up. This is to make sure that you are supple as this helps avoid injury.

After the warm-up we move on to some bag and pad work, getting you in the mood. This will then be broken down to focus on technique where you will work at your own pace to make sure that you master each skill.

Once we have covered enough technique work, the class will move on to optional sparing. The sparing is controlled and safety protection is fully supplied and always encouraged.

The session will then end with a warm down to relax the muscles and again help avoid injury.