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We are currently closed due to the pandemic! We will be open as soon as it is safe for us to do so. If you would like to contact us please call:

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Earlier in the year…..




Congratulations to all our members who have successfully completed the first 8 week transformation course of the year! Our 8 week course has been received very well with everybody finishing with great results. Body Focus are very proud to see how the members have been very dedicated and focused in their 8 week journey. We are looking forward to helping the next intake of people achieve their goals. Our members have lost between 5lbs and 1.5 stone individually and between 5 – 10 inches each in 8 weeks. If you are interested in taking part in Body Focus transformation course please contact us, Whether it be for weight management, improve your fitness level or for better mental well-being. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Please see below pictures of the members and their great transformations.


Valentines Day at BodyFocus

This Valentines Day we gave our members a great day of love to remember. We created lots of exercise based games with a love theme. It was an exciting day to remember and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Our Circuit class had a brilliant Valentine programme which consisted of completing 5 Bodyweight exercises followed by choosing a love heart with 3 exercises listed on the back. Members then had to complete 14 repetitions (to represent the 14th Feb) of each exercise for 3 rounds and then start again! Our Boxercise class also had a to complete a set of exercises before picking a love heart where a number represented different sets of boxing combinations. Each combination of punches had to be completed for 14 sets. It was a tough session!

It was challenging day but we had lots of fun! Well done to all our members, you trained hard to complete the love programmes! and smashed it!

MyZone training – February 2020

At the beginning of February 12 members from BodyFocus went head to head in a gym challenge against Trojan Gym to see which gym would win the fitness challenge. All participants were wearing ‘My Zone’ belts that would measure and monitor their heart rates as they went into different fitness zones. The Zones would then give the Individual points for the amount of time a person would stay active in that zone.

The Challenge is designed to last for 1 month and is completed by 12 Men and Women from each gym. Our Team have been working so hard to reach their goals and at the moment the score is Trojan gym have around 25,000 points and BodyFocus have 45,000 points…. Go BodyFocus!!!

Up and coming – Our new Transformation course is re-launching and starting again March 21st !


After great success in the first course Body Focus will be running the next Transformation course starting on Saturday 21st March. Our latest members have worked so hard during this course and have excelled themselves. By week 4 they have lost a considerable amount of weight and over 5 inches each. The members have really loved the course and worked really hard with their nutrition and training. This has shown massively with their results. They have achieved what they thought was not possible. Over half the group have signed up again for the next course as they feel it has given them new sense of life and achievement. We have a few places left. Please contact the Body Focus team for more details.

TRANSFORMATION 2020 – January 2020

Body focus are pleased to announce our new course for this year. This Transformation course has been specifically designed for only 10 Men and Women per course who are serious about making life changes. Who are looking for that new start to achieve life goals and create better lifestyle habits. The Course is for 8 weeks, it includes constant PT support, unlimited use of classes run by Patsy & Phil, A weekly transformation class on a Saturday morning, Nutrition advice, weigh ins and measurements and a free information pack to help you start your new journey. Our next intake for the next course will be in March 2020! For more information contact Phil or Patsy.

  • ONLY £99

BOXFIT CLASS – January 2020


Body Focus are now running a Boxfit class for young people with additional needs age 12+ . We have teamed up with ‘Nothing Special’ an organisation who run activities for young people. Our Instructor ‘Patsy’ who is fully qualified to support disabled people is running this class on a Thursday evening at 6pm. Parents and Carers are welcome to join in the class at no additional charge. It is a non-contact exercise class using pads and bags.

This is a great class, we are so pleased to offer this opportunity to young people with additional needs. It is a great pleasure for Bodyfocus to be able to support such a meaningful session. We would like this class to be a place for young people to meet new friends have fun and get fit at the same time. If you would like any more details please contact Patsy on 07719 765846.